Teddy Bear Velvet Baby Snuggle Bed


This is a Baby bed made with professional tailoring. It is made for new born babies to provide them with comfort and peaceful sleep.

  1. Creative automatic design: The 360°surrounding bionic uterus design will gives your baby a more comfortable and safer sleeping and reducing the frequency of cry and scream. The size of the protective enclosure has been carefully designed to protect the baby’s safety. Baby nest pod is suitable for babies 0-5 months.
  2. Soft and breathable safety material: All materials used in the baby lounger are breathable and washable. Baby pod offers excellent air-permeability.
    Everything has been designed for your baby’s well-being.


  1. The baby snuggle bed provides a secure 0-5 months to snuggle up for sleep, and thanks to all sided e bumpers that stop little people from rolling onto the floor.
  2.  Beautiful bow: The beautiful bow gives it an attractive look.
  3. Hidden zipper: The design has a hidden zipper, and the cradle is detachable for cleaning.
  4. Multi-purpose: Use the baby nest as a crib, travel bed, baby recliner, new-born pillow, change station or move around the house to rest, making the baby feel safer and more comfortable.


Material: snuggle bed : velvet
Filling: hypoallergenic 100% polyester
Dimension: 21 inches width , 33 inches length

Total Weight: 3kg
Ages: Fit for baby 0-5 months
Suitable Seasons: ALL 4 seasons

Package include: 

    • 1 baby snuggle bed

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